What is the Theory of Creationism, Intelligent Design and Evolution?

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I just recently saw on the news that a teacher was fired in the state of Oregon for teaching creationism. I believe the teacher was a biology teacher and when I saw, I meant I read it at the bottom of the screen. You know that scrolling news report many local news shows uses during their shows? Personally, I find it a bit distracting. If I see words, I have a tendency of having to read them. Case in point this little news item about the school teacher. I am not writing this article as a debate about what the teacher did or didn’t do. I never researched the facts on the matter. What I am writing about is the term creationism. When I first read it, I quickly wondered if is this what I thought it was.

First, you must know I am not highly religious. I do believe in God. I also believe in other people’s right to believe what they want to believe. What about the religion and state where should two end? Good question? But a hard one for me to answer. I guess, I basically believe religion shouldn’t be about the state. They shouldn’t say what I can and can’t believe. After that, I don’t want to debate about whether God should spoken about in school and in prayer. All of that is just way too deep for me?

What I wanted to know what the theory of creationism actually is. In my research I found that there are three major beliefs on how the Earth was created. Creationism, Intelligent Design and Darwin’s theory of Evolution. I remember the evolution theory from my school days. Some people believe that the first two ideas are alike. They are similar. But not totally alike. Creationism is based on the theory that the Earth was created in 6 days by God, as written in the Bible in the first book of Genesis. And on the seventh day God rested.

Many young followers of creationism also believes that the Earth is no older than 10,000 years (based again from the bible). They also believe that God created humans, which means that humans never evolved from animals, it seems those who believe in Intelligent Design (the ID theory) believe some of what scientist say and believe. Most believers in this theory will agree that the Earth may very well been in existence for over 14 billion years. They also do not believe that God created the Earth in 6 days. They also believe that humans have evolved over time. Yet, they believe that some greater power had to play a part in the intelligent and complex way that humans were first formed. They believe this intelligent power is the gap that scientists are missing from their theory. Many people even refer to these group of people as a group of people who believe in the God of gaps.

So to point it simply, here are a few things people who believe in the ID theory believe and don’t believe. They believe in a higher intelligent power (possibly called God). They just don’t believe everything that it written about him in the bible, nor the fact that it took him only 6 days to create Earth. They also believe that the humans this intelligent being created slowly evolved with time.

Scientists think that those who believe in the ID theory are abandoning scientific design and principals. As for the people who totally believe in the creationism theory, they say the answers we seek are in the bible. Which theory do I believe? I have to say I believe in the creationism theory. It was the one I was taught as a child. Yet, do I believe this theory should be taught in our schools? I couldn’t answer that question just as it was first posed. I would have to change the question a bit. I would have to pose this question. Should all three theories be taught in our schools? I say yes. Give our children more choices. Explain just the theories. As teachers, don’t say which you believe (unless you are teaching in a church or a church affiliated school). If the kids want to discuss such theories in detail, tell them to talk to their parents.

If you really want to make sure your kids are taught the creationism theory, take them to the church of your choosing. This is your privilege as a parent. This shouldn’t be a privilege a teacher has. As I read about these theories more, I realized I was taught about the theory of evolution and the creationism theory in school. (I don’t remember hearing about the ID theory, though). Our teacher just breezed on through it, made no big deal out of it, and went on to the next scheduled topic. Our class was made up of students from different cultures and religions. Nobody was scarred. Actually, I don’t remember anyone even really caring. We just wanted the bell to ring to schedule the end of the period.

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