How to Design a Winter Wonderland Christmas Village

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Every year during the holiday season, I find myself assembling my Christmas village. Each year, I find something new to add to it. In a way, it has become a tradition. Here are a few of my secret to help you create your own beautiful winter wonderland Christmas village.

Step One: Select a space in your home where you would like to display your Christmas village. This should be in a central area of your home. A place where it can be seen by all your family and guest during gatherings. You will need to have an electrical outlet very close to the village scene. An extension cord with multiple plugs will also come in handy.

Step Two: After you have selected your spot to set up your display, set up your table that will hold your display. If you would like to add height to your Christmas village, place small boxes, the same width of your houses on top of the table. This will give the appearance of small hills throughout the your Christmas village. Use any kind of small boxes you may have on hand at the time.

The look of the boxes does not matter, only the size will matters. You should not be able to see the boxes when the village display is all finished. For a more dramatic affect, set up an additional small table such as an end table or a coffee table. This table should be just in front or beside the larger table. This can serve as a second level to the village. By using two tables at different levels you can create a ski slope.

Step Three: Cover the entire area of tables and any boxes you may have placed on them with a white table cloth or sheet. Place a strand of clear Christmas lights on top of the white cloth. Scatter them randomly over the tables in no particular pattern. Over the lights, roll out one layer of cotton batting. Cotton batting comes in large rolls and can be found in fabric or craft stores, it is generally used for upholstery. Plug the lights in to make sure they can be seen through the cotton batting and have complete coverage over the table. This will create the appearance of sparkling snow on the grounds throughout the Christmas village.

Step Four: Now you can start placing your homes and any other buildings you have chosen to display in your Christmas village. Be careful not to place them too closely together. If your village homes contain lights, use cotton stuffing to help hide the cords. Cotton stuffing can also be purchased inexpensively at a fabric or craft store. After you have placed your homes and buildings throughout the village, it is time to make little roads connecting your homes to one another.

To make the roads, simply spread a layer of tiny brown and gray aquarium rocks. Make the roads about two inches wide. You can also make tiny pathways to each doorway throughout the entire village. This will give the appearance of a pathway throughout the village. These little pathways and roads are wonderful way to add character to your Christmas village. Now you can start adding your tiny accessories that will help bring your Christmas village to life.

Place small figurines of towns people, snowman, park benches, lamp post and tiny trees throughout your Christmas village. Add figurines of children playing in the snow and miniature cars driving on the streets. Many Christmas stores, department stores and craft stores sell beautiful Christmas village accessories. You can purchase ones that move and light up. You can even purchase small lamp posts that light up by battery power.

Step Five: If space allows, try adding a fully decorated miniature Christmas tree to the center of the village to create a Christmas attraction within your village. Use spray on snow on a few branches of the towns Christmas tree.

Step Six: It is now time to add the finishing touches. Place small handfuls of the cotton stuffing around the base of the Christmas tree and on the sloping hill to the second level to help create the appearance of snow. Sprinkle a handful of imitation paper snow on top of the entire display. Lightly sprinkle white glitter on top of the snow and the homes. Using clear fishing line, hang tiny snowflakes from the ceiling to dangle above the town. If possible display your village in front of a large mirror to help create the illusion of a larger village. Now that your display is complete it is time to plug in or turn on all your lights in the village and watch the town come to life.

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